The future of learning and productivity

Platform and marketplace for sharing practical, challenge-targeted knowledge and experience in the form of guidelines, task lists, and manuals.


1. Lack of experience

Teams lacking concise practical expertise in task execution and resolving business challenges.

2. Theory overhead

The disconnection between the theoretical knowledge base and practical tasks.

3. Organization and planning

A significant amount of effort and resources spent on organizing work on repetitive tasks and processes.

Doitly product and solution

The marketplace

To share, search, discover and acquire practical knowledge and experience gained by organizations or independent specialists for solving business problems in the form of task lists, guidelines, and manuals.

The platform

For creating and managing practical, problem-targeted, step-by-step guidelines, task lists, instructions, manuals, business processes managing templates.

The community

To drive experience accumulation and evolution with an open community of experts collaborating thought guilds, discussions, and feedbacks.

Doitly domains

Work productivity

Better work progress support and tracking

Remote onboarding

Create step by step onboarding guidelines ans support.

Process management

Easy to boostrap reusable processes templates.

Online Learning

Get practical knowledge online

Doitly goals



Experts to share their expertise through guidelines, task lists, manuals and get remunerated.



Quick and easy access to practical, challenge-targeted, and concise knowledge and experience of top-level organizations and individual experts.



Efficient, easy-to-set-up, and adapt templates for management of business protocols and repetitive tasks.

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